Jan 28, 2015

business myths for a specialty shop (first round)

In an effort to work out the logic that some folks direct towards small businesses:
#1 Exposure - "Get your name out there" -
Statement: I should get this cheaper from you because I'm helping you get your name "out there."
Typically, when something is given to someone as a gift, it's seen as a gift from the giver - not from the company whose name is on the package. It should not be cheaper because you claim you are providing "advertisement." If that's the case, then I should get get kick-backs from Ford for driving their car because everyone can see their name is on it. Support a small business by being proud to purchase goods at the price they need for them to keep the lights on and the doors open.

#2 Specialty - "I need you to make this especially for me""
Statement: I only need a couple of an item; but they need to be different from other items you sell.  And they should be priced at the same amount as other items, right?
Being a specialty shop does not mean that everything is custom made to everyone's whims. A shop (dealing with food/ingredients) has to have set guidelines and recipes for items created or else the pantry and freezer would have to its own grocery store. Most shops have a production schedule and deviating from the production schedule costs time and money.

#3 More - "More = discount?"
Statement: I should get this cheaper because I'm ordering more.
Generally, unless the order exceeds five hundred of the same item, a business is not going to see a real price break ingredients. If items are being produced in-house, it doesn't make a whole lot of sense that it should be cheaper because the cost of labor is not going to diminish based on a bulk amount. Workers still have to be paid for making things even if it's more of one thing.

#4 B2B - "It's for my business"
Statement: I should get this cheaper (or tax free) because I'm ordering for my business.
Unless you're reselling an item or are a non-profit entity, then you should pay taxes for things purchased for a business. Only if you have a wholesale agreement with a business stating that you will be ordering something regularly, then the price should remain a retail price with tax included.

#5 Wealth - "Owner = Money = Expendable Income"
Statement: Are you the owner? I need to speak to the owner. I need to request a donation.
The owner of a specialty shop (with less than fifty employees) is probably making less than many of the shop's employees. If the owner is legitimately part of the day-to-day operations of the business, then an hourly breakdown of time spent before, during, and after actual business hours will more than likely reveal that the owner is getting short-changed. There's an assumption made (by the general public) that the owner of a brick and mortar business must be wealthy. Here's where the donation part stings because everyone assumes there's money to burn (or give away). Products and gift certificates are merely cash in another form. Handing over either one is like opening the register and handing over free money. Also, look into gift giving where tax write-offs are concerned. You have to give more than you'd think before any type of tax break kicks in.

Dec 16, 2013

HI McDunnough

Jul 17, 2013

Summer Bruise makes me feel hurt.

I may or may not be starting a band with someone doing metal versions of Seals and Crofts hits. Maybe... Maybe not.

Jun 25, 2013

found some glitchy presidential debate screengrabs in a folder on my desktop...

(President Obama on the left and Romney on the right)

May 16, 2013


Dec 14, 2012

casual friday.

hipster marketing

so, i don't like throwing around the term "hipster" because i've never really been supplied with a good definition of it. is it skinny jeans? stretched out ear lobes? hoodies? beards and thick rimmed glasses? is it all about fashion? or does it go deeper than that?
when I saw this dude pop up in the "people who enjoy drinking from a mason jar - sippy cup" slide show, i knew i was getting closer to understanding the term. Note: if you keep watching images from this slideshow, you'll see a biker sitting on his hawg, drinking out of a straw that's been put through the opening of a cuppow thing. seriously.

Dec 13, 2012

Yet another branding...

well, here's another logo that's taken the chunky simple font overhaul. looks way more like a fast food joint now.