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Facebook is a place where ideas, saved links, and thoughts seem to go into an internet hole to die. There's a "save post" area, but it's just not a sharable or cleanly accessible option to reference at a later date. I'm sure that either site - facebook or here - will generate more ads and potentially monetizable content. Facebook is supposed to be a place where you control your shared content but with the out-of-control comment areas and poorly designed memes (where you're expected to abide by weird "share=agree" or "share=one prayer" rules) running amok, I'm considering the blog format again because the social media outlet seems too immediate. While it allows for a guttural response to things, oftentimes, it's not necessarily the best response to whatever at the moment. Chances are that I will more than likely continue to share on there to keep u with friends and family, but my hope is that I remember to slow down and use this area again for things to jot down (or link to) for future reference. Most links on my older blog have broken anyway, so it seems like a good time to start over. 

So, I won't apologize for ads generated from the blog content found herein, because by now, you should expect all manner of ads and pop-ups all over this place known as the "internet." For all I care, please use your favorite ad blocking plug-in here because, I don't expect to see any funds from anything posted here any time soon.